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Contemporary organisations, whose business may be in services or manufacturing or in the provision of a process or processes, are increasingly recognising the need for projects to achieve their business objectives. Whether an organisation is project-driven or project-dependent it will require project management to compete in business markets.

AH Consult (AHC) has been involved in helping many organisations to gain a capability in the better management of what they do. Since 1992 it has undertaken these services generally using an organisation’s human resources to create new protocols and procedures, to establish physical entities responsible for the management of projects, and to inculcate a project management ethos where non had existed.

From its track-record and expertise, AH Consult (AHC) can offer a range of services in the management of projects that are defined within three broad areas, namely:

  • portfolio, program and project management
  • creation of a project management, or support, office
  • project management training of personnel


This service relates to the management of an organisation’s complete portfolio of project work to meet and achieve business objectives. The service includes identifying, prioritising, authorising, managing, and controlling programs, projects, and other related work in a co-ordinated way that would not be available from managing them individually.

Programs, the combining of projects that together are part of the same deliverable requiring integrated management services can be planned, developed and supported by AH Consult (AHC).


A PMO, or PSO, can be established within an organisation to provide a focus for project work. An operable PMO/PSO provides the opportunity to reform the way projects are handled.

Traditionally, the services provided through a PMO/PSO include strategic advice to senior management, availability of corporate project management procedures, daily advice help-line to project managers/teams, auditing of projects, and facilitating workshops for project personnel training.


In-company training can be designed and provided for project personnel as part of their continuing professional development and as a means of achieving PMI or APM certification status as a project manager. AH Consult (AHC) has found on-the-job training as a very effective way of transferring skills because it is undertaken on real issues, skills transfer is immediate, and it provides added value to the organisation because it is applied to live projects.

Hard and soft skills courses are designed to meet an organisation’s specific requirements. Common training models can range from 1-day classroom awareness programmes to 12-day (or more) indoor project management competency programmes with use of an outdoor environment for project leadership and team-building.